Delivery and Shipping

We offer delivery within Philipstown of orders totaling at least $50. The charges are $5 for a delivery in the central village of Cold Spring (west of Route 9D) and $20 in the rest of Philipstown.

We can ship wine throughout New York State. New York residents are welcome to phone or e-mail us (845-859-9123; flowercupwine@gmail.com) to inquire about placing an order.

Shipping to other states is subject to a range of restrictions. If local laws permit you to buy wine from a New York retailer, please phone or e-mail us to inquire about ordering. You will pay for the wine and assume ownership of it while it is still in our shop. We therefore collect New York sales tax on the transaction. At your preference, you may arrange your own transportation of the order, or we will contract with an authorized shipper on your behalf and pass on the shipper’s fees to you. In either case, you alone are responsible for ensuring that your importation of the wine into your area complies with local laws.

An order must total at least $120 (excluding sales tax and shipping) to be eligible for shipping arranged by us. To cover the cost of heavy-duty packaging, we will add $6 for each box of six or fewer bottles and $8 for each box of seven to twelve bottles.